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Writings by Topic: Poverty and Welfare

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Title Publication Date
The pernicious myth of 'inclusive' discrimination Arguable January 23, 2024
Are the abortion extremists Republican or Democratic? Yes. Arguable August 29, 2023
When the minimum wage rises, does homelessness rise too? The Boston Globe July 23, 2023
The deeply flawed campaign for racial reparations The Boston Globe February 5, 2023
The taming of income inequality The Boston Globe November 15, 2022
No, income inequality isn't at an all-time high. It's at a historic low. Arguable November 14, 2022
'The off-ramp out of extreme poverty' The Boston Globe / Arguable November 9, 2022
What was so great about the 2010s The Boston Globe December 29, 2019
Actually, class warriors, skyrocketing inequality may be a myth The Boston Globe December 15, 2019
The welfare state 'Brezhnev Doctrine' The Boston Globe December 11, 2019
A new study says? Don't believe it Arguable July 29, 2019
With the market making parental leave routine, who needs Congress? The Boston Globe June 2, 2019
America needs more immigrants and less welfare The Boston Globe December 12, 2018
Deliver us from Scripture-citers The Boston Globe March 26, 2017
The fabulous wealth of the 'Oxfam 8' The Boston Globe January 18, 2017
Payday loans are a poor option. No payday loans would be worse The Boston Globe June 12, 2016
Up and down — but mostly up — the income ladder The Boston Globe May 29, 2016
As two-parent families decline, income inequality grows The Boston Globe November 30, 2014
Income gap? Not many are obsessed The Boston Globe January 29, 2014
Is this any way to help the poor? The Boston Globe June 2, 2013
Why should Massachusetts beg anyone to vote? The Boston Globe August 12, 2012
Gingrich and 'the party of food stamps' The Boston Globe May 22, 2011
It takes a man — not a single mother — to be a good dad The Boston Globe June 12, 1997
A welfare catastrophe? No, it's a modest reform The Boston Globe August 6, 1996
Germans face big bills for decades of social spending The Boston Globe July 2, 1996
Welcome, immigrants -- but don't expect any giveaways The Boston Globe June 6, 1996
The power of a 'compassion tax credit' The Boston Globe November 23, 1995
Lesson for liberals: the riches of a Mississippi washerwoman The Boston Globe August 29, 1995
Clinton won't let us end welfare as we know it The Boston Globe August 3, 1995
Obstructionists fuel the welfare revolt The Boston Globe July 26, 1994
The twice-curs'd welfare treasure trove The Boston Globe June 14, 1994
Illegitimacy -- a deadly risk for infants The Boston Globe May 19, 1994
A blunt, ugly truth: Abuse and welfare are connected The Boston Globe March 8, 1994

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
One Nation, Two Cultures
by Gertrude Himmelfarb
Azure Winter 2001

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