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Defying the Supreme Court on student loans, Biden sets a dangerous precedent
Apr 14, 2024

Russia's chemical attacks in Ukraine are another 'red line'
Apr 10, 2024

Diversity, yes. Diversity statements, no.
Apr 9, 2024

Science says race isn't real. How long will the US Census pretend otherwise?
Apr 7, 2024

Joseph Lieberman, mensch
Apr 3, 2024

(Not) in the path of totality
Apr 2, 2024

The border needs fixing, but not because migrants are dangerous
Mar 31, 2024

'Israel Alone'
Mar 27, 2024

The green giant
Mar 26, 2024

The phony feeding frenzies over 'bloodbath' and 'hamstringing'
Mar 24, 2024

Sanders's foreign policy 'revolution' is a string of leftist clich├ęs
Mar 20, 2024

Vandals for Palestine
Mar 19, 2024

The Wendy's beef was a nothingburger
Mar 17, 2024

Only Haitians can fix Haiti
Mar 13, 2024

How to 'feel better' about Ukraine (according to John Kerry)
Mar 12, 2024

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