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Jeff Jacoby
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Writings by Topic: Slavery

Title Publication Date
I used to defend Columbus as 'magnificent.' I don't anymore. The Boston Globe October 8, 2023
The mendacious assault on Florida's new curriculum Arguable July 25, 2023
What Frederick Douglass really said in his great Independence Day speech The Boston Globe July 2, 2023
A brutal attack in the Senate chamber Arguable May 16, 2023
How the most qualified presidential candidate became America's worst president The Boston Globe February 19, 2023
The deeply flawed campaign for racial reparations The Boston Globe February 5, 2023
Even now, slavery is a worldwide scourge The Boston Globe September 25, 2022
Is George Washington fit only for contempt? The Boston Globe May 18, 2022
Arguable: Thomas Jefferson, honored and dishonored Arguable October 25, 2021
The racial decency — and irony — of Rutherford Hayes The Boston Globe February 14, 2021
Congress goes after forced labor, and big business objects The Boston Globe December 6, 2020
The slaves of Nubia Arguable December 23, 2019
The slaves of 2019 Arguable August 26, 2019
Reparations for slavery are unworkable — and unjust The Boston Globe March 31, 2019
One of the best ideas in human history The Boston Globe May 28, 2017
Drag away the statues The Boston Globe May 17, 2017
The right way to apologize for slavery The Boston Globe December 13, 2015
The Confederate flag is anti-American The Boston Globe July 12, 2015
When US troops left too soon The Boston Globe May 10, 2015
Abolition, word by word The Boston Globe February 13, 2013
Commemorating secession, with sorrow and honesty The Boston Globe January 5, 2011
Were the Founders hypocrites? The Boston Globe July 4, 2010
Lower the flag, South Carolina The Boston Globe December 3, 1996
Silence on slavery The Boston Globe April 2, 1996

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