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Jeff Jacoby
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Writings by Topic: George H.W. Bush

Title Publication Date
In Iran and China, protesters plead for liberty. Where is the leader of the free world? The Boston Globe December 11, 2022
What gaffe? Of course Putin should not be in power. The Boston Globe March 30, 2022
What would Bin Laden say? Arguable August 30, 2021
As Kurds vote for independence, Americans should cheer The Boston Globe September 20, 2017
Millionaire ex-presidents can pay their own way The Boston Globe May 24, 2015
Iraq and the White House time machine The Boston Globe May 21, 2015
This is no time to go wobbly on Ukraine The Boston Globe March 19, 2014
Kerry's 'realism' slips into callousness The Boston Globe December 30, 2012
This time, don't betray the rebels The Boston Globe March 20, 2011
Obama, Iran, and the Tiananmen playbook The Boston Globe June 17, 2009
Ex-presidents' big payday The Boston Globe February 28, 2007
We fight now because we didn't fight then The Boston Globe September 20, 2001
Bush laid the ground for budget deal? Nonsense The Boston Globe August 12, 1997
Want to rent an ex-president? Call George Bush The Boston Globe June 5, 1997
Who is Bush to fault Clinton? The Boston Globe September 14, 1995

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