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Writings by Topic: Elizabeth Warren

Title Publication Date
Attacks on pregnancy centers, like attacks on abortion clinics, should be intolerable The Boston Globe July 17, 2022
Elizabeth Warren's one-trick inflation pony The Boston Globe December 29, 2021
I expected better of Elizabeth Warren Arguable December 27, 2021
A student debt bailout would be unjust and unwise The Boston Globe November 22, 2020
'Whatever helps Democrats the most' The Boston Globe November 18, 2020
Would Biden want Warren for VP? Don't count on it. The Boston Globe April 22, 2020
Warren ducked the toughest questions in the Democratic debate The Boston Globe December 20, 2019
Actually, class warriors, skyrocketing inequality may be a myth The Boston Globe December 15, 2019
Team Warren plays the "sexism" card The Boston Globe November 20, 2019
The autobiographical fictions of Elizabeth Warren Arguable October 10, 2019
The case against fracking is based on ideology, not science The Boston Globe September 15, 2019
Elizabeth Warren, typical white person The Boston Globe October 17, 2018
That GOP 'tax scam' is putting money in millions of workers' pockets The Boston Globe January 17, 2018
The left's health-care rhetoric is unhinged The Boston Globe June 28, 2017
Congress unleashes the Furies, but never at itself The Boston Globe October 9, 2016
'People's Pledge' made the Warren-Brown race worse The Boston Globe January 9, 2013
Yes, slash farm subsidies — but don't stop there The Boston Globe November 25, 2012
Warren tries to have it both ways The Boston Globe October 11, 2012
What's the real race issue here? The Boston Globe October 7, 2012
What Brown's and Warren's tax returns really show The Boston Globe May 2, 2012
Shut up, they explained The Boston Globe January 25, 2012
Professor Warren's ire The Boston Globe September 28, 2011
For Elizabeth Warren, a story from 1984 The Boston Globe September 18, 2011

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