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Jeff Jacoby
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Pundicity: Informed Opinion and Review

Writings by Topic: Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020-21

Title Publication Date
A pandemic mea culpa from Francis Collins The Boston Globe January 21, 2024
Only Sweden had the right COVID-19 response The Boston Globe September 6, 2023
Undeclaring the state of emergency Arguable January 31, 2023
Before declaring a pandemic amnesty, we need a pandemic mea culpa The Boston Globe November 20, 2022
The authoritarian impulse The Boston Globe July 31, 2022
Nobody knows anything The Boston Globe January 2, 2022
With COVID-19, every disagreement became a culture-war flashpoint The Boston Globe October 13, 2021
Should the unvaccinated pay the price for their folly? The Boston Globe August 29, 2021
New Zealand is back in a lockdown time warp The Boston Globe August 25, 2021
The history of pandemics is a history of denial The Boston Globe July 18, 2021
Does the GOP have a problem with the vaccine? The Boston Globe March 24, 2021
Why New Hampshire is suing Massachusetts The Boston Globe January 17, 2021
What was great about 2020 The Boston Globe December 30, 2020
The coronavirus curfews make no sense Arguable November 25, 2020
Michigan and Pennsylvania courts struck down pandemic orders. Will the SJC? The Boston Globe October 11, 2020
Baker's pandemic orders were tough, but were they lawful? The Boston Globe September 9, 2020
Why I'm not going postal The Boston Globe August 23, 2020
State lawmakers need to have more say in a crisis The Boston Globe May 10, 2020
Locking out immigrants will make the crisis worse The Boston Globe April 26, 2020
No lockdown in Sweden The Boston Globe April 8, 2020
This too shall pass (over) The Boston Globe April 5, 2020
Excluding Taiwan from the WHO is a political and medical outrage The Boston Globe April 1, 2020
A civil liberties pandemic The Boston Globe March 29, 2020
Coronavirus has forced Biden far from his comfort zone — and it shows The Boston Globe March 25, 2020
When demand soars, prices should too The Boston Globe March 18, 2020
A self-quarantine that changed the world Arguable March 16, 2020
I'm skeptical about climate alarmism, but I take coronavirus fears seriously The Boston Globe March 15, 2020

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