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Jeff Jacoby
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Writings by Topic: Bernie Sanders

Title Publication Date
Voting is a privilege that prisoners rightly forfeit The Boston Globe July 23, 2020
The war to liberate Iraq was just, even if it's no longer popular to say so The Boston Globe January 19, 2020
Actually, class warriors, skyrocketing inequality may be a myth The Boston Globe December 15, 2019
The case against fracking is based on ideology, not science The Boston Globe September 15, 2019
Newsrooms won't be saved by Bernie Sanders' socialist nostrums The Boston Globe September 1, 2019
Biden was right. Busing was wrong The Boston Globe July 3, 2019
Those imprisoned for breaking laws should have no say in making laws The Boston Globe April 17, 2019
Canadians wait — and wait — to see the doctor The Boston Globe December 20, 2017
The left's health-care rhetoric is unhinged The Boston Globe June 28, 2017
What Obamacare's drafters could have learned from a hairdresser The Boston Globe February 15, 2017
Making college 'free' will only make it worse The Boston Globe July 13, 2016
Why this Reagan conservative voted for Bernie The Boston Globe March 2, 2016
Ambition vs. conviction on the debate stage The Boston Globe February 4, 2016
No, Bernie Sanders, Scandinavia is not a socialist utopia The Boston Globe October 18, 2015
It's socialism, not deodorant, that starves the poor The Boston Globe May 31, 2015
Gas is cheaper. Where are the grandstanding politicians? The Boston Globe November 12, 2014
Why do the liberals rage? The Boston Globe December 12, 2010

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