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Title Publication Date
As any economist can tell Mayor Wu, rent control never works The Boston Globe January 29, 2023
The coronavirus curfews make no sense Arguable November 25, 2020
My father survived the Holocaust. That molded my worldview Arguable January 27, 2020
Democrats are having a socialist moment, but it won't last The Boston Globe June 30, 2019
On the folly of rent control, right and left agree The Boston Globe April 7, 2019
Her 'Little Pink House' was her castle — until the government said it wasn't The Boston Globe April 15, 2018
Eminent injustice in cranberry country The Boston Globe November 20, 2016
Boston can learn from Houston's (nonexistent) zoning code The Boston Globe September 21, 2016
If you don't rent to criminals, are you a racist? The Boston Globe April 10, 2016
Donald Trump, eminent-domain abuser The Boston Globe August 26, 2015
How judges corrode the rule of law The Boston Globe July 2, 2015
Eminent disaster The Boston Globe March 12, 2014
The verdict that keeps on taking The Boston Globe December 31, 2006
Eminent injustice in New London The Boston Globe June 26, 2005
The pirates of eminent domain The Boston Globe February 27, 2005
The abusers of eminent domain The Boston Globe September 30, 2004
The blessing of private property The Boston Globe November 28, 2002
The battle of Fort Trumbull The Boston Globe July 26, 2001
Now we know: Rent control critics were right The Boston Globe February 12, 1998
New tortures for landlords The Boston Globe May 2, 1996
Rent control, RIP The Boston Globe April 30, 1996
Liberals' arguments can just kill you The Boston Globe January 26, 1995
Face it: Rent control is dead The Boston Globe November 29, 1994
Nature's best protector The Boston Globe October 18, 1994
At stake in Question 9: fairness for property owners The Boston Globe September 8, 1994

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
Little Pink House: A True Story of Defiance and Courage
by Jeff Benedict
Commentary May 2009

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