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Jeff Jacoby
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Writings by Topic: United Nations

Title Publication Date
The UN Human Rights Council makes a mockery of human rights The Boston Globe April 10, 2022
As night descends on Hong Kong, the UN raises no objection The Boston Globe July 12, 2020
Excluding Taiwan from the WHO is a political and medical outrage The Boston Globe April 1, 2020
Nikki Haley, the Trump administration's breakout star The Boston Globe December 24, 2017
Samantha Power's squandered moral authority The Boston Globe March 6, 2016
Abbas should have been jeered, not applauded, at the UN The Boston Globe September 30, 2015
When the General Assembly votes, the US should abstain The Boston Globe September 28, 2015
The Saudis' UN snub was a message meant for Obama The Boston Globe October 27, 2013
A conservative's case for confirming Samantha Power The Boston Globe June 12, 2013
The world's best policeman The Boston Globe June 22, 2011
At the UN, the Israel-bashing goes on The Boston Globe November 30, 2008
A US welcome mat for Ahmadinejad The Boston Globe October 1, 2008
Taiwan deserves a UN seat The Boston Globe September 18, 2003

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