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Title Publication Date
I was a young Republican. Now I want nothing to do with either party. The Boston Globe February 11, 2024
Give Newton's teachers an ultimatum: Return to work or forfeit your jobs The Boston Globe January 31, 2024
'Great replacement' theories, as old as America, have always been nonsense The Boston Globe June 1, 2022
Sorry, Tom Cotton: Trump is no Reagan The Boston Globe March 13, 2022
Inaugurate a human rights policy, President Biden The Boston Globe January 19, 2021
Trump, the anti-Gipper, has turned young voters against the GOP The Boston Globe October 21, 2020
America stood down as the Berlin Wall went up Arguable November 12, 2019
Amnesty for 'Dreamers' is in the GOP's finest tradition The Boston Globe May 27, 2018
Voters Trump drives from the GOP aren't likely to return The Boston Globe August 21, 2016
On immigration, I've become a dissident on the right The Boston Globe January 13, 2016
American politics needs more civility, not less The Boston Globe August 16, 2015
The essence of Thatcherism The Boston Globe April 10, 2013
With sunny authenticity, Reagan wooed the young The Boston Globe March 28, 2012
'Guilt by association?' Think again The Boston Globe October 15, 2008
A conservative's case for McCain The Boston Globe February 3, 2008
What would Reagan say? The Boston Globe January 20, 2008
The power of presidential solidarity The Boston Globe June 23, 2005
The modest giant The Boston Globe June 10, 2004
We fight now because we didn't fight then The Boston Globe September 20, 2001

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
When They Come For Us, We'll Be Gone: The Epic Struggle to Save Soviet Jewry
by Gal Beckerman
Commentary March 2011

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