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Will a government warning label really make social media safer?

June 23, 2024  •  The Boston Globe

US SURGEON GENEERAL Vivek Murthy proposed last week that Congress mandate warning labels for social media platforms, comparable to those that have been required on cigarettes since 1965 and on containers of wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages since 1989.

"The mental health crisis among young people is an emergency — and social media has emerged as an important contributor," Murthy wrote in a New York Times op-ed. "Adolescents who spend more than three hours a day on social media face double the risk of anxiety and depression symptoms."

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A simple fix for the Massachusetts flag
Here's my proposal. Tell me yours.

June 20, 2024  •  The Boston Globe/Arguable

THERE ARE many mysteries in life and one of them is how a state panel convened to design a new flag and seal for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can spend more than three years and $100,000 yet fail completely to accomplish its mission. An even more impenetrable mystery is why anyone would imagine that the best response to such a failure is to convene yet another government panel and give it another $100,000 to do the same thing.

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For assistance in dying, please press 1

June 12, 2024  •  The Boston Globe

THE MOST chilling detail in "Better Off Dead?" a new BBC documentary by the English actress and comedian Liz Carr, is an automated telephone message.

Carr, who has been disabled since childhood and uses a wheelchair, made the film as Parliament debates whether to make it legal for doctors to help end the lives of people who are terminally ill and who say they wish to die. Similar legislation is being pushed in Massachusetts, where a bill permitting doctors to prescribe suicide drugs to patients with less than six months to live is now before the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

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The Supreme Court has a conservative supermajority. So why don't conservatives always win?

June 9, 2024  •  The Boston Globe

JUNE IS decision time at the Supreme Court. Of the 62 cases the justices heard this year, roughly half remain to be decided. Among them are some high-profile controversies with clear ideological or political significance.

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More micromanaging will not cure Boston's liquor license shortage

June 5, 2024  •  The Boston Globe

BOSTON HAS a liquor license problem. I have a solution.

The problem is an old one: Under rules that have been in place since Prohibition ended in 1933, the state limits the City of Boston to approximately 1,200 licenses to serve alcohol. That is far too few for a city with 700,000 residents and tens of millions of annual visitors, so the demand for liquor licenses long ago outstripped the supply. With the city's hands tied by state law, the only way to obtain a license to pour is to buy one from an existing owner on the secondary market.

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