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Defying the Supreme Court on student loans, Biden sets a dangerous precedent

April 14, 2024  •  The Boston Globe

EVER SINCE the Supreme Court ruled last year that President Biden had no authority to unilaterally write off $430 billion in student loans, he and his aides have been crowing that they intended to do it anyway.

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Russia's chemical attacks in Ukraine are another 'red line'

April 10, 2024  •  The Boston Globe

AS VICE PRESIDENT in 2011, Joe Biden had a front-row seat to one of the great foreign policy blunders of the Obama administration: the unilateral withdrawal of all US troops from Iraq. President Obama acted despite warnings that a pullout would leave a vacuum the region's most malign forces would exploit. Those warnings were borne out, as the fanatical jihadists of ISIS swept into the region and unleashed their reign of terror.

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Diversity, yes. Diversity statements, no.

April 9, 2024  •  The Boston Globe/Arguable

"I AM A scholar on the left committed to struggles for social justice," says Randall Kennedy, a prominent Harvard Law School professor whose teaching and writing has focused on civil rights, race relations, and the intersection of racial conflict and the law. Kennedy, who once clerked for Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, has written numerous books on various aspects of race in American life, including a history of the N-word. He is a Black man who was born in the Jim Crow South and grew up in a household where, in his words, "tales of racial oppression and racial resistance were staples of conversation."

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Science says race isn't real. How long will the US Census pretend otherwise?

April 7, 2024  •  The Boston Globe

A QUESTION about race has been on every US Census since the first one in 1790. But not the same question. In response to shifting politics, social attitudes, interest-group pressures, and government priorities, the list of racial categories into which the American government sorts the American people has changed many times. Now it is about to change again.

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Joseph Lieberman, mensch

April 3, 2024  •  The Boston Globe/Arguable

IN HIS long political career, Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut, who died last week at 82, was embroiled in any number of controversies. The four-term US senator and 2000 Democratic nominee for vice president was criticized for positions he took on issues ranging from the war in Iraq (which he supported) to explicit sex and violence in popular music (which he opposed). Democratic voters in his state turned decisively against him when he ran for a fourth US Senate term in 2006 — he was defeated in the Connecticut primary by an antiwar candidate, Ned Lamont, and had to run as an independent in the general election to retain his seat.

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