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The critics were right about 'Old Tippecanoe'

February 18, 2024  •  The Boston Globe

Two presidential candidates face off in a rematch. One candidate, his affluent background notwithstanding, is seen as a populist; his supporters hail him as the champion of ordinary people and deride the incumbent as a pampered creature of the establishment. He's also the oldest person ever to run for president, and even his backers worry that he is not up to the demands of the job. All the while, the nation's problems are growing more serious. But the electorate is so polarized that all the two parties seem to agree on is how much they detest each other.

Welcome to the campaign of 1840.

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The seventh-grader and the First Amendment

February 14, 2024  •  The Boston Globe

WHEN LIAM MORRISON, a seventh-grader in Middleborough, showed up at Nichols Middle School last March wearing a T-shirt bearing the message "There Are Only Two Genders," he was ordered by the principal to take it off. He politely refused, so the principal suspended him from class for the rest of the day. He subsequently came to school wearing the T-shirt with the word "Censored" taped over the original message, so that it read: "There Are [Censored] Genders." The principal, impervious to irony, told him that was banned too. He was allowed to return to class only after putting on a different shirt.

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I was a young Republican. Now I want nothing to do with either party.

February 11, 2024  •  The Boston Globe

A LONG TIME ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was an elected Republican Party official. Actually, it was in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, in the early 1980s. But it might as well have been in a time and place that is now a distant legend — not because I am so different, but because the Republican Party I was glad to support in those days has become unrecognizable.

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At Columbia Law School, only one student club was rejected this year — the one formed to oppose antisemitism

February 7, 2024  •  The Boston Globe

LONG BEFORE antisemitism erupted on college campuses last fall, Marie-Alice Legrand knew what hostility to Jews could lead to.

As a young girl growing up in Hamburg, Germany, Legrand could look from her bedroom window onto the bare expanse of the Bornplatz, the site of what was once the city's largest synagogue. The great Jewish house of worship was torched on Kristallnacht by antisemitic mobs; a few months later the Nazis ordered the Jewish community to demolish what remained of the building and turn over the land to the city. The deportation of Hamburg's Jews to the death camps began in 1941. In the summer of 1942, the Jewish family that owned what would later become Legrand's childhood home was murdered in Auschwitz.

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Give Newton's teachers an ultimatum: Return to work or forfeit your jobs

January 31, 2024  •  The Boston Globe

IT HAS been a while since the 12,000 public school students in Newton, Mass., have studied history — or anything else, for that matter. Since the Newton Teachers Association declared a strike on Jan. 18, all classes and activities at the city's 22 schools have been canceled and classroom learning has come to a halt.

So perhaps this is a good moment for an impromptu lesson from American history.

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