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As 'Taxachusetts' returns, residents are fleeing

May 28, 2023  •  The Boston Globe

"IN THE past year," a UMass Amherst/WCVB survey asked last October, "have you contemplated moving from Massachusetts to another state?" Thirty-five percent of respondents answered yes. The question was repeated in another survey in April. By then the share of respondents thinking about leaving had climbed to 39 percent. When asked why, the most common reason given was to escape the high cost of living in the Bay State. Other reasons were concerns about high taxes and government policies.

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There is no '14th Amendment option' to raise the debt ceiling

May 24, 2023  •  The Boston Globe

THE LATEST fad theory making the rounds in some Washington precincts is that the 14th Amendment gives President Biden the authority to issue new Treasury bonds unilaterally, if that's what it takes to pay the government's bills. If true, it would mean that the statutory debt ceiling is unenforceable and can be breached without congressional approval. That in turn would mean that Democrats need not reach a compromise with the House of Representatives, which passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling nearly a month ago. Biden could simply bypass lawmakers and resolve the impasse on his own.

There's just one problem with that theory. It's codswallop.

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Rachael Rollins was a disgrace
The Bay State's worst US attorney in decades ignored ethics and the law.

May 21, 2023  •  The Boston Globe

DEMOCRATS WENT OUT on a limb for Rachael Rollins. To confirm the very prickly, very left-wing prosecutor as US attorney for Massachusetts, they pulled out all the stops, including a tiebreaking vote in the Senate by Vice President Kamala Harris. And how did Rollins repay them? With dishonesty, scandal, and abuse of power.

In two jaw-dropping reports Wednesday, federal investigators from the Office of Special Counsel and the Justice Department's inspector general detailed Rollins's flagrant violations of law and ethics in the 16 months since she became US attorney. The watchdog agencies excoriated Rollins for her behavior. To understand why, consider the episode that triggered the investigations.

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Did the Varsity Blues prosecutions really belong in federal court?

May 17, 2023  •  The Boston Globe

WHEN THE US Court of Appeals in Boston last week threw out the fraud and bribery convictions of Gamal Abdelaziz and John Wilson, two parents who had been found guilty in the "Operation Varsity Blues" college admissions scandal, their lawyers called it a "true vindication" and an affirmation of their "absolute innocence." The Court of Appeals wasn't nearly so flattering. It overturned the convictions, it said, because the government hadn't proved that the men's intention was to join a bribery conspiracy when they made whopping payments to grease their children's admission into top schools. But while the prosecutors' case may have been flawed, the parents' behavior was far from admirable.

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A brutal attack in the Senate chamber

May 16, 2023  •  Arguable

ON MAY 19, 1856 — 167 years ago this week — Charles Sumner of Massachusetts, a gifted orator and the US Senate's foremost opponent of slavery, rose to deliver a speech on the events unfolding in Kansas. The territory was embroiled in violence as pro- and anti-slavery forces battled over whether Kansas would join the Union as a slave state or a free state. Sumner's speech, which he delivered over two days, was a passionate denunciation of the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, the federal law that left it up to the residents of each new state to decide whether human bondage would be allowed within their borders.

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