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For Putin, a self-own for the history books

May 22, 2022  •  The Boston Globe

EARLIER THIS YEAR, as Russia's massive troop buildup on Ukraine's borders grew steadily more ominous, there were suggestions that the only way for Ukraine to avoid being conquered by Moscow was to submit to "Finlandization." That was a reference to Finland's policy of abject neutrality during the Cold War, when Helsinki was barred from joining NATO or otherwise aligning itself with the West, scrupulously avoided any criticism of the Soviet Union, and deferred to Moscow on most major policy questions. In return, Soviet troops stayed on their side of the 830-mile border with Finland, and Finns kept their democratic form of government.

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Is George Washington fit only for contempt?
Ask Frederick Douglass.

May 18, 2022  •  The Boston Globe

"George Washington University needs a new name" was the eye-catching headline on an opinion column published by The Washington Post last week. The 750-word essay was written by Caleb Francois, a GW senior majoring in international relations who isn't happy with his alma mater. I read the column with particular interest: George Washington University is my alma mater.

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When Jesus told stories about economics

May 16, 2022  •  Arguable

Abortion, opinion polls, and the Constitution

How many times in the last two weeks have you been assured that a majority of Americans want the Supreme Court to uphold Roe v. Wade? Over and over and over and over that point has been hammered home by journalists, activists, and politicians who support liberal abortion rights. Always the implication is the same: The public firmly opposes overturning the landmark 1973 ruling, so for the Supreme Court to junk Roe would amount to an autocratic and illegitimate attack on American democracy.

But that isn't what the American people think.

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Who's afraid of liberal media bias?

May 15, 2022  •  The Boston Globe

BY ALL the usual auguries, Republicans are headed for sweeping gains in the midterm elections.

"It's going to be a terrible cycle for Democrats," Doug Sosnik, a former senior advisor to Bill Clinton, told The New York Times last month. Amy Walter, the editor of the Cook Political Report, says both parties are bracing for "a Red Tsunami." According to CNN's Chris Cillizza, "the signs are all there" for a GOP takeover of Capitol Hill: "President Joe Biden is unpopular, Republican base voters are more energized than Democratic ones, and House Democratic retirements are near historic highs."

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The trade deficit is up again. No worries.

May 11, 2022  •  The Boston Globe

The US trade deficit hit an all-time high in March, widening to nearly $110 billion as the nation imported considerably more goods than it exported. That can't be good, right?

Actually, it's fine. But you wouldn't know that if you take your cues from the media.

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